Add-On Card Pencil Communion Cup Holder

Add-On Card Pencil Communion Cup Holder

Provides room for 2 pens/pencils, business cards, communion cups and cards up to 8.75" wide. USA Made. Patent Pending US61/904,933.

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The innovative Card Pencil Communion Cup Holder by Bertolini is designed to store and distribute visitor response cards, envelops for donations, business cards and pens or pencils. As an added bonus it features a flip-down loop where communion cups can be placed preventing crushed plastic cups from littering your sanctuary or auditorium. We’ve designed this unique accessory holder so that it can be installed on chair with both straight and contoured upholstered backs. Do you use business cards to invite people? No problem, the Card Pencil Communion Cup Holder has a specially designated slot that holds half a dozen standard size business cards. Need to stack your chairs? Don’t worry, Bertolini’s innovative Card Pencil Communion Cup Holder maintains a compact profile as the flip down communion cup loop automatically flips up and out of the way when chairs are stacked. Patent Pending.

Note: This accessory is designed to work with chairs manufactured by Bertolini Inc. We cannot guarantee it will work with chairs from other manufacturers; use with non-specified chairs is the buyer’s responsibility. Customer’s with existing Bertolini chairs should call to confirm fit.


Quick Specs

Bertolini Designed for Chairs made by

Rear of Chair Access

Up to 8.75" Card Size

13.5" width



Black ABS Construction

Bertolini Manufacturer

USA Country of Origin

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